The Bushman Traveler™

Introducing the Fabulous New Bushman Traveler - Fashion Tech at its best!

Here's the travel jacket we've been waiting for - the new Bushman Traveler safari jacket! Rugged, comfortable, and as practical as it is good-looking, the Bushman Traveler comes with lots of great features, each designed to make your travels easier and more enjoyable.

Loaded with features that will make your travel life easier, every Bushman Traveler features these enhancements:

  • Detachable Hood. Great on those hiking trips, the hood zips off when you're in town. It features a built-in eye mask when you want to shut out the world and take a snooze.
  • An inflatable neck pillow built into the collar. Flat, and out of the way when not in use, blow it up and relax when on the plane or in your car.
  • RFID blocking pocket - Safe haven for your credit cards, drivers license and wallet from electronic pickpockets and RFID skimming.
  • Smart phone pocket - Keep your phone handy and safe in a velcro-enclosed pocket.
  • Passport pocket - safely tucked away and always ready
  • Sunglasses pocket with chamois.
  • Charger pocket - keep your charger handy and ready to charge up your gear.
  • Water bottle pocket - It comes with a custom-fitted flat bottle for your water, juice or whatever.
  • Secret pocket - a zippered pocket for your secret stash.
  • Lined pocket - waterproof pocket for wet or messy stuff
  • All purpose pocket - It comes with an LED headband flashlight.

The Bushman Traveler™ — "A Passion for Life and Nature"

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